Fundraising strengthens school-community bonds

By now, we hope it’s clear that the importance of fundraising for school goes well beyond financial and even academic concerns, providing opportunities for collaboration and growth for both adult and student participants alike.


But the benefits of these opportunities don’t stop at the participants themselves. Research shows that students do better when schools and communities communicate and work together in partnership. Also, when schools and community members come together to support young people’s education through fundraising, the entire community benefits. School staff, parents, and community members can spend time together, learn more about each other’s needs, and create further opportunities for improvement both in and outside of school. 





 “Thousands of companies will match donations made by their team members, retirees, and even employee spouses. Search now to access your employer’s matching gift forms and complete the simple, minutes-long process to drive additional support toward our cause.”

The PTSA name will show for Double the Donation as well as the Amazon Smile Program as  "PTA California Congress of Parent Teachers & Students Inc"?


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