Lunch & LEAP is up and running during lunchtime on Tuesdays & Thursdays (1st-5th grades) 


The PTSA has kicked off Lunch & LEAP for our 1st-5th grade Pumas. We are very excited to join our Pumas on the playground. Our goal for this program is to promote the LEAP philosophy during lunch and recess. Through craft projects and learning new playground activities, elementary students can practice LEAP values, Lead with integrity, Embrace challenges, Act Responsibly, and Positively impact others. 
Parents, grandparents and other family members, please join us at Lunch & LEAP. We would love to share cultural games, songs, crafts and activities with our Cadence Park School students.


IMPORTANT: Upon arrival for your volunteer date, please proceed to the Front Administration office to check in to receive your volunteer badge.  Make sure to give yourself enough time to check in (5-10 mins early) as the volunteer time listed is the time to be out on the playground.


Location: Meet at PTSA Shed (At the end of Basketball court)

We are a community remember the LEAP => P => Positively Impact Others


The PTSA "Lunch & LEAP" activities are running during lunchtime on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

We are so excited to be out on the playground with the kids and offering them additional activities.  Tuesday's will be dedicated to Arts & Crafts for 1st-5th grades, and Thursdays will be for Sports/Games.

We are looking for parents/guardians/grandparents or anyone with helping hands to assist during these lunchtime activities to guide our kiddos. Thanks to all Pumas family members who helped last month. Click here to signup for future weeks volunteering.

Please share with us crafts ideas or activities from around the world to